Common Facts You Need to Learn About Lime Stabilisation for Pavement Projects

Lime is an important construction material for pavement projects like road infrastructures. It cuts down on costs and portrays a positive environmental impact, especially when treating soil types that are not suitable for roads.  The techniques involved with lime stabilisation are gradually advancing. Such advances have improved the bearing capacity of subgrade systems in pavement construction projects. With the aid of modern technology, lime has treated unstable soil types like clay to come up with the best and most effective pavement constructions. [Read More]

Top Reasons Why Your Asphalt Parking Lot Might Need Premature Repairs

The whole reason why you decided to install an asphalt parking lot on your property in the first place might have been because you heard that asphalt can last for a very long time. Truthfully, asphalt parking lots can be very long-lasting. However, you might have unfortunately found that your asphalt parking lot needs unexpected premature repairs. You might not mind getting the repairs done, but you could be wondering why they are needed so soon. [Read More]

Reasons to Incorporate Natural Stone Pavers Around Your Property

If you're looking for a way to enhance your property, you should consider natural stone pavers, which can be used in different areas in the front and back yards. Pavers use diverse types, such as travertine, sandstone, slate and bluestone, and offer colours like blue, grey, green, purple and beige. If you need convincing, consider the following reasons to upgrade your property with natural stone pavers. Durable Once you spread pavers over paths or patios, they'll last for many years. [Read More]

Pavement Construction: Three Tips for Trenching and Building a Foundation

If you are building a new pavement on your residential property, you must plan for the excavation of the ground. Often, pavements experience premature wear and failure due to the lack of a good foundation. For example, if the base is not stable, the upper layers of the construction materials will shift during unfavourable conditions like rainy weather. You can avoid these problems through trenching and establishing a firm base before installing pavers or other similar materials. [Read More]