Ideas to Jazz Up Your Paving

Tips And Ideas On Using Natural Stone Tiles Around The Home

If you're looking for a way to enhance your home, you could incorporate natural stone tiles into the decor. They can fit within various rooms and beautify both floors and walls. Read on for some tips and ideas for introducing tiles into your haven. 


You might associate natural stone floor tiles with bathrooms or kitchens, but they also create beautiful surfaces for living and lounge areas. Travertine and limestone are available in warm earthy tans, pinks, yellows and greys. By installing tiles with a matte finish, you'll create an inviting and elegant atmosphere. Both of these stones are relatively porous and so are best for low-traffic living areas rather than kitchens, for instance. Additionally, make sure your particular tiles are suitable for floors and not only walls—wall materials don't need to bear the weight of walking people. 

For high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, you might be better using harder, less porous stones such as slate or granite. Slate—in greys, blacks and browns—is exceptionally durable. For a rustic feel, install tiles with a natural cleft texture, or else to generate a sleeker effect, lay polished flat tiles. Another durable option is beautiful mottled and speckled granite in charcoal, blacks and tans. Floor tiles are available in various shapes and sizes. You can spread large square tiles for a classic and minimalist look or lay different sizes and shapes to form patterns.


You can also cover wall areas, such as a splashback, with natural tiles. Hard rock creates an appealing contrast to the relative warmth and softness of timber, spread across a benchtop. Alternatively, you could jazz up a laminate counter with a beautiful stone splashback. Pick out one of the hues from the variable stone and use that colour for a solid laminate. In this way, you'll create a pleasing contrast between the flat colour and pattern, adding interest to the decor. Alternatively, you could match the splashback to a stone benchtop.

Stone tiles also look beautiful spread across bathroom walls to create a luxurious spa-like atmosphere fit for a palace. Choose light, earthy and natural hues like fawns and pinks to create an inviting atmosphere. To develop a sense of spaciousness, cover the walls and floor with the same tiles, and continue this consistent flooring inside and outside the shower. Fewer transitions will create a cleaner, more upscale feel. A glass shower will open up space further and not detract from the natural, organic wall and floor surfaces. No matter where you introduce stone tiles around the home, make sure to follow recommendations for sealing and care, as most stones are porous.