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Commonly Asked Questions About Soakwells

Soakwells are an interesting concept that many people are curious about but aren't quite sure how they would work on their property. This is unfortunate because in many cases soakwells can save your buildings from lasting damage, as well as keep your backyard or business's garden looking neat and tidy. So how do soakwells actually work? The basic idea is that a water tank without a bottom is placed just below the surface of your garden. The soakwell is connected to gutters and pipes and disperses this water into the earth more deeply than simply allowing the water to sit. Often people have questions about how exactly this helps, so take a look at the three most common ones. 

How Do Soakwells Save Your Building From Damage?

Australia has a very hot temperature for most of the year, which means that the soil near the surface can be quite hard and compact. When it rains, as it so often does in the coastal areas, this water cannot penetrate the topsoil because of this compaction. This means the rainwater simply sits around your home until it evaporates or eventually loosens the earth enough. During this time, it is not uncommon for the water to erode paint, foundations, timber cladding and more. Soakwells remove this danger completely.

How Will Soakwells Keep Your Garden Pristine?

Another side effect of the aforementioned hard topsoil of Australian gardens is that if your garden is on an incline, the water will rush to the lowest point, often dragging debris with it. This flooding can be stopped by managing the flow of water through the use of a soakwell. While it will not eradicate this phenomenon, it will reduce its harmful effects. The more soakwells you have, the more this problem is reduced. 

How Hard Are They To Install?

Soakwells can be put in within a day, although this depends on the size of the soakwell. Larger soakwells can have the capacity for thousands of litres of water, and that takes up room, which in turn means the hole takes longer to dig with bigger, more cumbersome equipment. Smaller residential soakwells are quite simple to put in and are relatively cheap, too. For commercial planning, you should meet with a soakwell manufacturer or contractor to discuss how the installation will work so as not to disrupt your business. Always check to see if the cost of your soakwell includes installation or not.