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Top Reasons Why Your Asphalt Parking Lot Might Need Premature Repairs

The whole reason why you decided to install an asphalt parking lot on your property in the first place might have been because you heard that asphalt can last for a very long time. Truthfully, asphalt parking lots can be very long-lasting. However, you might have unfortunately found that your asphalt parking lot needs unexpected premature repairs. You might not mind getting the repairs done, but you could be wondering why they are needed so soon. These are some of the possible reasons.

Your Asphalt Wasn't Poured Properly in the First Place

First of all, if you have found that your asphalt parking lot isn't holding up as well as you hoped it would, there is a chance that it was not poured properly in the first place. This is why it's very important to hire the right company to install paved parking lots. Someone who repairs asphalt parking lots can help with getting your parking lot back in good shape, though, so you can hopefully prevent additional damage.

Your Parking Lot Doesn't Have Proper Drainage

If your parking lot does not have proper drainage, you have to worry about a few issues. You have to worry about water standing in your parking lot, which can be unpleasant for people who are driving or walking in your parking lot, and you also have to worry about that water damaging your parking lot. Repairing your parking lot and taking steps to create proper drainage can help you get your parking lot back in good shape and can help you prevent future drainage issues and related asphalt damage.

There Isn't Much (or Any) Shade

If your parking lot doesn't have any shade, then your parking lot is probably exposed to the sun all the time. UV rays can be harsh on your parking lot and can cause it to become brittle, which can lead to repairs being needed. Having repairs done and then having your parking lot seal coated regularly can help you get it back in shape and can help you protect your parking lot from future UV-related damage.

It Handles a Lot of Heavy Loads

Lastly, if your parking lot handles a lot of heavy weight, then you have to worry about it being more prone to potholes and other damage. For example, a truck stop parking lot is probably going to need more frequent repairs than the average parking lot, simply because of all of the big and heavy trucks that are driven on the parking lot on a daily basis.

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