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3 Reasons to Lay a Solid Epoxy Floor

Some epoxy floor resins need to be mixed with substances like solvents or water before you put them down. However, some are just 100% solid epoxy. While all these products do the same job, there are some benefits to using a solid option. What are they?

1. Quick Installation Times

A 100% solid epoxy often wins out on installation compared to other products. Unlike options which contain water or solvents, this flooring is simply pure resin. Therefore, it is thicker and more viscous.

You may find that this consistency makes the floor coating easier and faster to apply. You don't need to add anything to the resin before you start laying the floor. It will also dry and cure more quickly.

So, your floor coating will be down and ready for use a lot more quickly than if you used a water or solvent mix. A 100% solid epoxy starts to dry out as soon as it hits the surface.

2. Fewer Chemicals and Fumes

Some epoxy floor coatings contain chemicals. For example, they may contain solvents which help the resin harden.

While these products are efficient, they do throw up some concerns. The chemicals they contain and the way these chemicals react with the resin itself might create noxious and potentially dangerous fumes. These chemicals are also often bad for the environment.

If you lay a solvent-based mixture, then you'll probably have to wear a mask or respirator to protect yourself from fumes. You'll also have to ventilate the space you're working on until the fumes disperse. This isn't always easy.

If you use a solid epoxy, then the coating is solely made up of resin. It doesn't contain any chemicals so it won't give off nasty fumes or cause any environmental damage.

3. Better Resilience

All epoxy floorings are tough and resilient; however, they don't all have exactly the same hard-wearing qualities. For example, if you use a water-based resin, then the coating may not be as resistant to some spills or damage as you might think.

These coatings sometimes scratch and wear. Also, they don't cope well with exposure to all chemicals. On the other hand, a 100% solid epoxy is more resilient. It can cope with wear and chemical spills more effectively.

If you want to lay a solid epoxy floor, it's best to use an experienced installer. For more information, contact local epoxy flooring contractors.