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Four things that can damage your asphalt surfaces

Asphalt is an excellent material for driveways or pavements because it is strong and long-lasting. However, cracks can form in the asphalt, and there will be times when you have no choice but to call in an asphalt repair service. Here are some of the causes of asphalt damage to look out for.


Firstly, any extreme temperature can damage your asphalt. Very cold temperatures can cause the asphalt to crack because of freezing. Water can then get into these cracks. As water expands when it freezes, it will then cause further damage. Very hot temperatures can also cause cracking. In this case, the water will not expand but can erode the layers underneath the asphalt. This will cause air gaps and eventually potholes. If you notice any damage due to temperature, you should get the surface repaired before it gets any worse.


Extreme rainfall can also damage asphalt on its own. Normal amounts of rain should just run off the surface, but over time it can erode the asphalt. Rain will wash away the liquid asphalt that acts as a binding agent for the aggregate. Without this, your surface will turn into bare stone and rock. If you notice that the aggregate in your asphalt is becoming exposed, it is time to call in a repair company.


If your asphalt surface is near a tree or other vegetation, you could find yourself with problems due to roots or weeds. Tree roots are very strong and can lift up a surface if they grow underneath it, while weeds can just grow straight through weak or cracked areas of the asphalt. You should try not to lay a surface too near trees and clear any weeds from the vicinity. If the damage is already done, call in the professionals.


Finally, oil stains are not just unsightly but can actually damage your surface. Unfortunately, asphalt tends to attract oil from parked cars. This can easily eat through the surface and cause cracks and holes. Make sure you clean up any oil spills as soon as you notice them. This will hopefully avoid a costly repair later.

Asphalt is much easier and cheaper to repair if you catch the damage early. As soon as you notice any problems with your asphalt surface, call a professional repair company. They will be able to fix any problems with your surface and advise you on how to prevent damage in the future. For more information on asphalt repairs, contact a professional near you.