Ideas to Jazz Up Your Paving

Reasons to Incorporate Natural Stone Pavers Around Your Property

If you're looking for a way to enhance your property, you should consider natural stone pavers, which can be used in different areas in the front and back yards. Pavers use diverse types, such as travertine, sandstone, slate and bluestone, and offer colours like blue, grey, green, purple and beige. If you need convincing, consider the following reasons to upgrade your property with natural stone pavers.


Once you spread pavers over paths or patios, they'll last for many years. Stone is a durable material that has emerged over eons, so it's well able to withstand the elements. Plus, it can carry heavy vehicles on a driveway. Typically, the sand and crushed stone subbase will be more compact for a driveway than for a walk area to cope with the heavier load. To protect your paving, make sure to seal it as recommended. A topical sealant will highlight the colours of the pavers, while an impregnating sealant will fill in the tiny pores on the surface to block liquids from seeping inside the stone and causing stains.

Easy to Repair

Natural stone paving is easy to repair, so if any pavers crack or sustain damage, you can pull up those specific ones and insert new pavers. That's why it's wise to purchase spares during the initial installation. This convenience contrasts with the process for a cracked concrete slab, which is trickier to manage. You may have to replace or repair a large area even if the damage is limited.

Improve the Kerb Appeal

A natural stone driveway will enhance the kerb appeal of your home, as the drive covers such a vast area and is highly noticeable. If you're considering selling your home, the paving will help to make a favourable first impression.

Balance the Landscape

Hardscape elements made of natural stone help to balance the scenery. Foliage, flowers, and trees add softness. You can add balance by contrasting this feathery texture against hard, smooth, natural stone surfaces to create an appealing landscape.

Unify the Garden

Because stone pavers are so versatile, you can add them in different places around the yard to unify the design. For example, edge your garden beds with pavers or build a walkway or patio in the back garden. Another option is to create a retaining wall that will help level out a sloping garden and create more usable areas. You could surround a terrace with a retaining wall that provides handy seating even on a flat property.